Ashoka - Israel Fellows

Organization: AlManarah
Field of Work: Civic Engagement
Abbass seeks to change the way Arab society in Israel, and further afield, views and integrates those with visual and other disabilities, and seeks to turn exclusion into inclusion.
Organization: Haredi College
Field of Work: Learning/Education
By creating the first structure in which ultra-Orthodox women (and recently, men) are able acquire academic qualifications and professional skills in harmony with their identities and traditions, Adina Bar-Shalom is not only contributing to their economic well-being, but also opening a door to inclusion and improved status within larger society.
Organization: Kol Zchut - All rights
Field of Work: Human Rights
Using a wiki-based platform, Amitay Korn is enhancing citizens' access to information about their rights and the availability of related government-funded entitlements and citizen sector initiatives and services.
Organization: IFA
Field of Work: Human Rights
Gal is changing the face of emergency disaster relief by creating international smart networks that deliver crucial aid in high-risk areas. 
Organization: NISPED
Field of Work: Civic Engagement, Economic Development, Human Rights
For three decades, Yehudah Paz has been bringing peace to the highly conflicted area of the Middle East. Yehudah links human cooperation with economic development and focuses on civil society as the vehicle for successful social transformation. Through fostering collaborative Arab-Israeli grassroots enterprises with an emphasis on sustainable...
Organization: University of the People
Field of Work: Learning/Education
Shai Reshef is the founder and president of the University of the People, the world's first tuition-free global online academic institution dedicated to the democratization of higher education.
Organization: Agora
Field of Work: Civic Engagement
Tsur Taub has developed a new and highly effective mechanism, the centerpiece of which is a web-based platform that encourages and enables people to give household equipment and other possessions that they no longer want to others who need such items. In doing so, he is also reducing barriers and promoting mutually beneficial contacts among...
Field of Work: Health
Professor Amitai Ziv, a pediatrician and an ex-Air Force pilot, is helping transform the way medical and other community service professionals (from healthcare professionals and social workers to secondary educators) are trained and evaluated, in order to enhance the social and professional skill sets of these professions. Amitai, a leader in...