Global Programs

Ashoka runs many programs and initiatives around the world. Below is a quick summary of some of them.

CBI - Civilian Based Initiative

Ashoka created the Citizen Base Initiative (CBI) in 1997 to help citizen sector organizations diversify their financial base so that they learn to become sustainably rooted in their local constituency instead of remaining dependent on foundation and government funding.

CBI’s mission is to ‘tip’ the thinking and behavior of the citizen sector towards innovation in building a broad citizen base of support—people, money, information, and businesses—to achieve sustainability and ensure maximum social impact. Working closely with the other Ashoka programs, especially Social Financial Services and Changemakers, CBI envisions building a vibrant, self-sufficient global citizen sector that is as enduring and influential as state, religious, and private institutions.

To accomplish these goals, CBI applies three closely interlinked strategies:

Seek Innovation

Competitions identify and invest in innovative ideas for developing a broad citizen base. CBI designs competitions to seek out new and tested strategies in local resource mobilization. Competition winners are awarded with an investment to help them refine and deepen their strategy, publicize their success, and empower their organizations to become leaders within the sector.

Support Innovators

Capacity Building helps organizations develop the expertise and confidence to implement their citizen base strategies. Through private and public sector partnerships, CBI offers workshops and creates learning circles to build fundamental skill sets in planning, management, and marketing. Practitioner exchanges also play a vital role in increasing practical knowledge and building professional networks. CBI encourages competition winners to mentor their peers and offer training to other organizations.

Spread Innovative Ideas

Marketing and Communication publicizes the most compelling examples of citizen base strategies. By exposing citizen sector practitioners to inspiring ideas and practical strategies, CBI facilitates and strengthens the citizen sector worldwide. Multi-lingual websites, publications, multimedia and roadshows are among the many channels used to spread the concept and practices of citizen base strategies.

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Indian Ashoka Fellow Shaheen Mistry is providing supplemental education for poor children living in slums

Ashoka U

Ashoka is in the unique position to share both examples of systems-changing solutions and experience nurturing social entrepreneurs with the academic sector. Ashoka’s unparalleled network and field knowledge of social entrepreneurship provides the platform for a diversity of partnerships designed to accelerate colleges and universities as hubs of social innovation.

Ashoka U works to strengthen social entrepreneurship in higher education by disseminating key knowledge and resources, recognizing innovation, and facilitating collaboration between institutions of higher education, and with social entrepreneur practitioners.

Since 2005, Ashoka U has been at the forefront of the academic field of social entrepreneurship, co-founding the first comprehensive and global association of faculty and institutions working to advance the field. Ashoka U builds on the ground work laid by the University Network for Social Entrepreneurship, a partnership between Ashoka, the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University, the EMES European Research Network, and the Social Enterprise Knowledge Network.
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FEC- Full Economic Citizenship

Full Economic Citizenship (FEC) is one of Ashoka’s global initiatives  striving to enable an environment where every citizen has the opportunity and the capacity to exercise his or her economic, social and cultural rights. To achieve FEC, a citizen must at a minimum have access to the essential products and services – food, water, housing, energy, health, education, financial – required to enable their activity as a consumer, producer and holder of assets.

Ashoka’s goal is for every individual to have the ability and choice to play a role in local and global economies, as consumers, producers and creators of wealth.

Through system change innovations, Ashoka’s FEC initiative seeks to end the exclusion of two-thirds of the world’s population from global markets and to catalyze government, business and CSO actions that will create the enabling conditions for everyone to exercise  Full Economic Citizenship.
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