Our Impact

For 30 years, Ashoka has helped change the lives of millions all around the world through its Fellows, programs, and staff. And while the numbers of those helped are extraordinary, we are most proud of the impact our Fellows have had in terms of systemic change—shifting societal perceptions, encouraging new behavior patterns, and revolutionizing entire fields.


Measuring Effectiveness


Measuring Social Change

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Some global stories of success and impact - click on the picture to see the full profile:


Fabio Rosa has helped cut rural electrification costs by 70-80% in Brazil and brought electricity to the homes of over 1 million people. Fabio's innovation has spread to 23 countries worldwide.

Jeroo Billimoria, through Childline, has provided direct assistance to more than 26,000 street children in Mumbai. Childline has answered over 2 million calls and spread to 38 cities nationally.

JB Schramm, through College Summit has enabled over 10,000 low-income high school students gain access to college through strategic assistance with the admissions process. College Summit produces college-going rates of 79%, almost double the 46% baseline among low-income youth.

Paul Rice, through TransFair USA, has generated $54 million in income for family farmers through its equitable model of international trade. TransFair USA audits the entire global supply chain for coffee, tea and cocoa and licenses 300 companies to display its trademarked label on products in more than 25,000 locations in the U.S