Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Ashoka: Innovators for the Public! As an Ashoka volunteer, you become a vital part of this dynamic and growing movement for systemic change around the world.

Volunteering is possible in Israel or abroad.

Ashoka believes in an Everyone A Changemaker™ world where the best new solutions to the world’s greatest challenges will be strengthened through the collaborative efforts of people like you! Some volunteers take on Senior Advisor roles - see our featured volunteers here.

Find out more about the type of volunteer opportunities available from the list below or search the global volunteer listings. You can target your search by type and region, or scroll through all current openings.

Volunteer with Ashoka's Global Office

Support Ashoka’s global office in Arlington, Virginia and Ashoka’s community of nearly 3000 Fellows worldwide. Volunteers are always needed both on-site and virtually. Volunteers might assist with internet research and writing, special events, translation, or compiling case studies on Fellows’ work.

Browse Opportunities with Ashoka's Global Office

If you don't see an opportunity posted that meets your interests or skills, please let us know how you would like to be involved by sending a completed copy of the Volunteer Form along with your CV to volunteers@ashoka.org with “Ashoka Global” in the subject line. We will confidentially circulate your information within the office to see if anyone could use your help. We will then be able to contact you directly when Ashoka’s needs match up with your own desires. Please keep in mind that supply of qualified volunteers sometimes exceeds demand, meaning you may not receive an immediate placement. So please be patient and stay tuned!

Host an Ashoka Fellow or Staff Member

This is a wonderful way to learn first-hand about the exciting work Fellows are undertaking and to provide them a supportive and comfortable home away from home.

American Ashoka Fellow Kristin Hayden is sending disadvantaged American youth on missions around the world

If you have a spare bedroom and would be willing to host an Ashoka Fellow or staff member visiting from another country, please send an email to eperry@ashoka.org with “Homestay” in the subject line. Please include your name, address, languages spoken, and bus stations near to your home, along with any other relevant details about yourself and your residence. The typical length of a visit is two to five nights. 

If you live in another country and are centrally located or near a subway or bus line, we would love to hear from you as well! Often, Ashoka Fellows travel to other parts of the world seeking support of their work or are participating in conferences. Having a welcoming home in which to stay can make all the difference in their experience and the memories they will take back to their home countries.

Ashoka has offices in every region of the world. Volunteers can assist either the offices themselves or their Ashoka Fellows with a range of tasks including field-specific programmatic support, training, translations, development of marketing materials, project proposals or business plans, web design, consulting and fundraising. Many of these can be done virtually, in the familiarity of your own home!

Browse Opportunities with Ashoka's Regional Offices

When traveling abroad to volunteer, you should be prepared to cover both travel and living expenses, and feel comfortable in sometimes rustic and unfamiliar environments. We recommend that you clarify all expectations and arrangements before making your commitment by using the Volunteer Checklist.

Please note that Ashoka is not a volunteer placement agency and cannot arrange or oversee your travel. That said, we are very happy to make the connections that will make the best use of your interests and skills.

Virtual Translations

Ashoka and Ashoka Fellows are always in need of bilingual volunteers to translate documents such as articles, newsletters, surveys, brochures, reports, and proposals. the Israeli office is always looking for skilled translators as well.

If interested in joining our family of on-call translators, write to volunteers@ashoka.org for abroad or Eperry@ashoka.org for volunteering with the Israeli office. write "Translation" in the subject line. Please include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Languages you can translate to and from
  • Level of fluency in those languages
  • Your native language
  • Your availability
  • Any specific skills or area of specialties that could be relevant

If you become an on-call translator, you will be contacted as the needs arise, so please be patient! In the meantime, if you'd like to become active immediately, be sure to check the current translation requests posted on the volunteer page.

Ashoka welcomes translators fluent in any language! But we generally will only ask you to translate into your native language.

Volunteer with an Ashoka Fellow

Experience social entrepreneurship at its best by collaborating with fascinating, inspired and dynamic innovators who are at the forefront of social change. Ashoka has over 2000 Ashoka Fellows in over 70 countries around the world and volunteering with any one of them on-site or virtually can be a life-changing experience!

Browse Opportunities to Volunteer with an Ashoka Fellow around the world

Current volunteer opportunities will be posted by region, but if you are traveling to a country in which no opportunities are listed, please contact volunteers@ashoka.org with "Traveling" in the subject line. It is possible that we could connect you with a Fellow whose work you find particularly interesting or well suited to the skills you are offering to share. It helps to be mindful that not all Fellows are able to host volunteers, and that many are in rural areas with poor infrastructure or in areas experiencing social unrest.

We recommend that all volunteers who are traveling abroad check safety advisories and visa requirements. We also encourage you to use the Volunteer Checklist to clarify the terms of your engagement before making your commitment. Volunteers will be responsible for all travel and living expenses, although sometimes a small stipend or housing will be offered.

Please note that Ashoka is not a volunteer placement agency and we do not have the capacity to arrange or oversee your volunteer experience. We cannot be responsible for circumstances encountered at any point during your experience.
Visit the Ashoka Global website to find out more about volunteer opportunites around the world